Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on secret of storytelling: learnin vernon, mike lockett, and mike miller Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! LearninVernon is very much professional in his job. But he fails to specify the location of the story which is rather important for the children in understanding the culture and the story itself. This gives the audience something concrete to think about, which makes them more involved mentally. When crafting a story, use people, places, and things the children know.

His vocabulary is exceptional and his pauses very much suit the children’s speed of understanding. He also entertains and amuses children with his mimicking and gestures. Dialogues make use of different voices for different characters and he shifts his facing (or posture) as the dialog switches from character to character (smaller pot to bigger one).

But sometimes his mimic and gesture go out of hand and looks hard. Keep gestures simple and natural. Gestures should add to the story, not detract from it. Be careful in being overly dramatic and trying to change the voice in a too dramatic way. This may actually be distracting. Also, it is extremely difficult to maintain this. The character may end up speaking with the wrong voice. The gesture should feel “right” at the spot where you are using it. The story is important and avoids showy movements which detract from the story.

The audience has a very important role in storytelling – for their minds are the canvas on which the teller paints his tale. Here Vernon understands children’s mind very well and chose a story which fits them well. He also looked to that the story gives the message everyone has their own purpose. This serves to teach the younger minds of moral values.

Mike is also very much professional in creating interest in his maneuvers. But he looks pretty hurried up in narrating the story. He starts the story in full swing and ends it the same way. He doesn’t give his audience time to settle down to his narration speed. Storytelling is best done in a relaxed atmosphere. The audience ought to be comfortable and close.

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