Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the working community for the airport Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The passengers i.e. air travelers: Air travelers are the key customers of the services being offered by an airport. If there are additions in the facilities, it results in a reduction of the waiting time in queues, better ambiance, more spacious waiting lounges, more facilities at the airport, etc. Such additions are bound to delight the customer. If the runway capacity increases, that implies a lesser delay in landing and take-offs. This works to the advantage of air travelers.

The investors: Since BAA is a public listed&nbsp.company and thousands of Britons and FIIs hold a stake in the company, fluctuations in the company’s fortune are bound to affect the stake of these investors. Adding another runway will lead to more activities at the airport, that means more business and more profit earning opportunities. All this certainly helps the investor as a better dividend can be expected on the investments. All this certainly helps the investor as a better dividend can be expected on the investments.

The residents living in the vicinity of the airport: Adding another runway implies more aircrafts landing and taking-off in quick succession. This might lead to more noise pollution in the surrounding areas, which might rob off the area residents from their well-deserved peaceful time with their family members, guests, etc. BAA will, therefore, have to take extra care towards reducing the noise levels, which could imply making some additional investments.

The airlines: Airlines will, of course, be the happiest lot with the addition of another runway because that results in.

Fewer fuel consumptions, as the aircraft doesn’t have to hover over the airport, waiting for its turn to get the landing space.

Customer satisfaction, as the carrier is now able to maintain time discipline in landing as well as in take-offs

More parking space for the aircraft near the runway, which saves time and money incurred on towing the aircraft to another corner of the airport.

The suppliers and other business associates: More business implies more business activities for the suppliers and business associates of the airport as well as the concerned airlines.

The Government: If BAA is able to satisfy its customers, able to maintain international quality standards, earn more profits, that implies a happy situation for the government. But if the airport gets flak for its functioning, NGOs are up in arms against the policies, the governments have to spend a considerable amount on placating those concerns.

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