Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: International Marketing Plan Of An Australian Brand. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Penfolds Grange is basically a red wine that is manufactured totally in Australia and has been a leading brand in the Australian as well as the international market since its inception in 1951, ever since then it has won over 50 gold medals in vintage wine competitions and has been a major influence in the international arena as well. It is made from 2 kinds of grapes: the Shiraz and the cabernet sauvignon, the Shiraz being the major component where as the cabernet sauvignon is only used in small portions.

Product Description: Penfolds is one of the major labels in the Australian wine industry and is a major exporter to a multitude of companies in the world. it has been one of the best red wine brands ever since its inception in 1951 and has been a major award winner in its category. The relative advantage of this brand is that it is made from an unusual blend of grapes that are specially grown at the company’s vineyards and hence is a unique red wine and has been able to set standards of its own. Since Penfolds is a major brand, it is exported to various countries in the world, the country that has been chosen for the purpose of this paper is the United Kingdom which is a major wine consumer nation and wine is a commodity which can be categorized as a house hold item which is consumed on a regular basis. Since wine is consumed on a nation wide basis, penfolds would be tried by consumers more often than not and hence it is very compatible with the tastes of the people in the country.on the country. There would not be any major limitations to the product because it is a widely acceptable product in the target market but the only issue that the product will have to over come is that there would be competition and it should implement strategies so that it is able to over come this major obstacle. There are no limitations as such to the product because it comes in various shapes and sizes and hence it can very easily be picked off the shelf by people with various purchasing power.

Environmental Scan: The general dynamics of the country at hand have to be studied in order to truly understand the country and also to devise a plan to cater to the market. The essentials that need to be studied while scanning the environment are the family structure, education within the country, social organizations, religion, the diet and in this case it is extremely important to know the climatic conditions and it is extremely important that days of festivity have been pin pointed because these are the days when people would be more inclined to consume red wine and it is extremely important that once these days have been identified they are utilized to the maximum. The literacy rate in the United Kingdom is 99% and that is basically due to a public sector educational system which disseminates free education to all and this has been one of the plus points of the British economy for a very long time now, the ability of the consumers to think rationally will definitely influence the decision to choose Penfolds because customers can then be made to think rationally by effective advertising.

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