Write 12 pages with APA style on Application for the Position of Advanced Technologies. My resultant aptitude towards the applied sciences leads to the development of certain core skills with notable strengths in the Academic and Self Management Areas while my Communication and Interpersonal skills leave much to be desired. My structured thinking and “fluid” learning abilities allow me to research, accumulate, synthesize, analyze, organize, and interpret large amounts of information, information which once coupled with my problem solving and organizational abilities allows me to creatively and innovatively resolve most or all forthcoming challenges. My major weakness, probably due to my somewhat introvert character, lies in my weakness to actively communicate and effectively interact with my immediate and not so immediate surroundings. I am well versed in written communication and the use of information and IT systems tools and services, but am at a disadvantage when it comes to associating with co-workers and students, and presenting orally my thoughts and convictions. Although I am fluent in several languages and do adapt quickly, this ability to change and move from my comfort zone can only be done on an individual or personal basis. I should have great difficulty in adapting as part of a team and I believe that my presence in a team would impede the performance of the said team. This apparently has to do with my perceived introversion and my individualistic “Apollonian” nature. since “No Man is an Island” this has to be dealt with if I am to be successful in any future endeavors.

My background, influencers, and resultant core skills point me in the direction of the Pure and Applied sciences in general, and the field of engineering in particular. I believe that my strong abilities in the areas of mathematics and physics, as well as my ease of learning and strong problem-solving skills, will allow me to become one of the top performers in this field, specifically Communications Engineering. I am not sure that I would call this an aspiration. I guess my aspirations have to do more with making a decent living and have enough time on the side to be able to do the things I’ve never done: Play sports, learn music, adventurous travel, write, indulge in good cuisines and fine wines, and generally fill my life’s portrait with vivid colors instead of shades of gray. My basic strategy is to use my existing aptitudes as a tool, a medium and a catalyst to increase and maintain at an acceptable level my standard of living in order to enrich that part of me that has seemingly been ignored these past years: My “Dionysian” Self.

I firmly believe that the above strategy will allow me to develop fully as a person and lead a balanced and full life, and to maintain through continuous development an impressive and excellent career, while simultaneously leading a full and happy life unaffected by the dreary grayness of today’s mechanized world.

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