Write 12 pages with APA style on Hotel energy management. We can ask the staff to be less friendly and visible or the reverse,” he said. (Thomasson, 1) ”The changes must be small. If you were making changes every day it would be too disruptive.” (Thomasson, 1)The stylish new facility has self-service tills that allow diners to scan their lunch while they and their trays are being weighed by a set of scales built into the floor. From a control room, researchers can direct cameras built into the ceiling of the restaurant to zoom in on individual diners and their plates. These are just a few examples of the way state of the art facilities can lighten up the customer world and add to the competitive edge. One must keep in mind that Australia attracts people from different parts of the globe. To understand the particularities of taste and comfort it becomes imperative that a detailed research support system is created to keep the hostel industry up to date. It becomes necessary for state of the art facilities to strike a balance between the traditional and the modern, this fine balance is the key to competitive advantage in the market. (Fletcher, 188)

Today’s hot technology topics, including e-commerce, wi-fi, electronic payment systems, Web site design, data security, and identity theft have to be included in any discussion on technology and the way it influences the hospitality industry. The new age customer even while unwinding wants to be connected to the technological appendages it carries during the ordinary work hours. Moreover the level of comfort is often measured by the smooth functioning of the technology that a particular hotel is able to provide. One important aspect is to not make the technology involved overtly perceptible. It is important to keep the intricacies of the technology covered by a gloss of easy comfort. (Deb, 323)

2. New facilities will involve require substantial investments by hotel. How would you justify making such an investment

The rate of technological input is directly proportional to the revenue generation. Investment must be and should be justified because of the competitive advantage state of art customer facilities will bring and the edge that technological inputs herald. Investment has to be put in context of the overall customer behavior pattern and the society at large. A society that breathes and lives on the micro physics of technological pervasiveness cannot imagine its hospitality industry to be devoid of the technological drive that characterizes the broader society.

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