Write 10 pages with APA style on Photographic Industry Changes. Previously a photograph taken in a camera could not be viewed unless developed through a process, but now in this world of digitization things have changed a lot. Now the screen within the digital cameras allows you to delete, edit and perform different operations on the spot. The result is that they need not be printed. They could easily be shown via camera, or uploaded through a computer or sent through camera phones. The result is a decline in prints. Prints were one of the major components in the success of the photographic industry and hence it’s affecting the business. Though overall there has been increasing in the number of overall pictures being taken but on the same side decrease in the printouts being taken out as there exist cheaper ways of showing those pictures to concerned people.

John Larish (2006) in his article ” The Analysts Speak Out: Is There a Future for the Photo Industry” states that PMA has been the largest photographic convention and trade show in the United States. This year’s PMA was considerably smaller than last year because of the demise of major exhibitors such as Agfa, Konica Minolta, Bronica, and others. In addition, many other companies greatly downsized their exhibits or didn’t attend at all. The Kodak exhibit was less than half its normal size. There was vacant exhibit space all over the trade show floor.

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