Write a 57 pages paper on critical success factors for fashion market online retailing business. 5.5.3 Scalability80

5.6 Brand Management80

Chapter 6: Discussion and Conclusion 83

6.1 Introduction83

6.2 Summary of Findings84

6.3 Study’s Contribution86

6.4 Directions for Further Research87

6.5 Conclusion88


There are many people whom I would like to include in my Acknowledgement,’ not least of which are all the professors who taught me at this university. Each and every one of them contributed to my intellectual development and gave me the tools I needed throughout the research and the writing of my dissertation. I know that if it were not for them, I would not have been able to research and write this study.

In my opinion, however, few deserve the acknowledgement due to my supervisor, David Bromilow. He, more than any, knows how confused I was by the sheer size of this project and how, more often than not, I lost direction and, sometimes, confidence. His continued patience and invaluable guidance are what kept me on track. The support which David Bromilow gives all his students and, his constructive criticisms and advice, are responsible for my having finished this dissertation and my presenting of it. I am extremely grateful to him.

Last but not least, I want to reserve a special acknowledgement to my parents in Hong Kong and both my aunt and uncle. Their continued and unfailing emotional and financial support have brought me where I am today and have, indeed, opened up a world of possibilities before me. Therefore, it is to them that I dedicate my dissertation.


Chapter 1: Introduction


Over the last decade the user-friendly Internet has been developed such that E-commerce is now widely used as a main competing business mechanism.

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