Write a 6 pages paper on future of modernization. The citizens would also enjoy higher standards of living. This paper will look into various aspects of modernization in the United States and also around the world. The paper will also look into the consequences of modernization and various theorists of the idea of modernization.

There are four different concepts that modernization manifests itself in the United States. One of the concepts is that is the diversification that the society is undergoing through. Another concept is that people are making more abundant choices while at the same time the concept of smaller communities is also a manifestation of modernization in the United States. The other concept is that the aging people are becoming more and more future conscious that it was witnessed a number of years ago. Manifestation of the modernization in the United States can be said to be following the theories of Emile Durkheim. Durkheim concentrated on how the society should uphold their virtues and integrity in the modern times and how the societies would share such things as religion and ethnicity in a very constrained manner (Wagner, 2008).

To this effect, Durkheim with the assistance of Herbert Spencer sought to come up with a scientific approach to study the society and various phenomena that would be associated with the society. This was done in reference to the function the individuals played in quotidian maintenance to explain different elements of the society existence and hence Durkheim is seen by many as the precursor of functionalism. Thus he was involved in the study commonly referred to as Social Facts. Social Facts is the study that tries to prove that there is the existence of a phenomenon which is not bound by the actions of the individuals and how the individuals that make up a society adapt to some changes but which is precipitated by a social fact. To this effect, some of the most subjective and individualistic phenomena that include such things as suicide would be described by Durkheim as an example of social facts which are objective (Macionis, 2006).

Hence, modernization in the United States is manifested by the society adapting some new social changes which can be attributed to the theory of Social Fact a theory that is credit to Emile Durkheim. This means that the society in America is experiencing these changes due to modernization and this means that the reality of modernization in America has manifested itself due to the changes that the society is undergoing through and how these changes are positively and negatively affecting the society (Tyrer, 2008).

Modernization development in the United States

Right now, the United States is undergoing through many changes that can be said to be political, social, economical and cultural. This means that the United States will have many more developments as far as modernization is concerned. Politically, the society is looking for more freedoms and rights and the government is forced to comply with the requirements of the citizens. This means that modernization in the political outlook of the United States have more room for development.

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