Write a 8 pages paper on some marketers believe that the customer is always right. It is evident that all of these approaches cannot be regarded as the most effective strategy. Of course, all of them are to be observed and used while planning company’s future. It seems that the third one provides the most favourable basis for creating effective strategy, but it also should be examined and completed.

Management is an integral part of the modern society’s activity. It is connected to all fields of activity and that is why it is necessary to know as much as possible about its laws and specificity. The directive philosophy in any strategic management development, no matter in the public or in private sector, are about appreciating what changes are required, how to realize and run these changes, and how to produce a schedule for supporting betterments that lead to better presentation.

The problems of relationship between economy and ethics are examined and discussed by many scholars at present. More and more experts say about conflicts between these two spheres. But recently some of the most talented economists started to address most relevant problems in society at present.

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