I need some assistance with these assignment. philosophy Thank you in advance for the help! In this paper I will discuss the moral difference between abortion and infanticide with special reference to the views of Michael Tooley and Mary Anne Warren. Metaphysics is an area of philosophy that deals with questions having to do with the ultimate grounding and nature of things in the world. It is concerned with such diverse topics as the mind/body problem, identity, God, the existence and nature of universals, the existence and nature of the soul, and so on. Thus, the morality of abortion, if it is to be construed as contingent upon the nature of the fetus, is an issue whose resolution depends on which metaphysical view of the human person is correct. Given this, let us take a look at Michael’s argument.

Although he makes many provocative and interesting claims that deserve a reply, I will focus on a small portion of his essay that I believe is the core of his case. According to Michael, “the first principle of religious liberty is that laws will not be based upon abstract metaphysical speculation, but will be fashioned through the democratic processes in which every perspective is subject to critical analysis (Michael, 2000). Any proposal must be open either to revision or rejection.” He then goes on to cite, as an example of what is not speculative metaphysics, the viability standard proposed by the Court in Roe.

I will first critique Michael’s use and defense of the viability standard and then move on to a general critique of Michael’s view of “abstract metaphysical speculation.

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