Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on kentucky fried chicken. Lastly, this discourse recommends the ideologies for improvising the organization’s marketing efforts that can prove to be a share of positive assistance to its future.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation, as discussed above, is the world’s largest chain of chicken restaurants and is one of the paramount havens for fast-food round the globe. It is the most successful operator in United States as it has made significant ways to maintain its gradation in the international market. KFC offers a whole new variety of fried chicken products as it conjoins both stores as owned by the corporate and the franchise outlets. In response to the call for healthier cuisines from the consumers, the company has recently initiated with involvement in grilled chicken that has gathered enormous response. KFC is at present, owned by PepsiCo, which is also the owner of the Taco Bell fast-food operation. PepsiCo has installed its own management group on senior posts, whereas, the previous owners of KFC such as Heublein permitted senior managers to stay because of KFC’s minor existence and familiarity to the world market. This correlation between KFC and PepsiCo has enabled both the brands to endorse their products with a strong financial background assisting to drive the expansion that is the way to prosperity.

Marketing Environment

Though many countries of the world are new to franchising as a method of expanding business, KFC has enjoyed success through its stores as owned by the corporate. It has been successful in expanding its operations in the foreign markets by out-stripping the fast-food industry as a whole. KFC has learned to develop and introduce new products as it has efficaciously utilized the opportunities that have come its way so far. Since, introduction of new products are the key to a company’s prosperity, KFC has proved its metal in the international field as well. For several decades, where other fast-food corporations have recently introduced the expansion of their businesses in to the international market, KFC has witnessed its participation as a successful multi-national corporation. This has led to efficient familiarity with all the logistical and attribute complications as faced by the organizations which, in anyway, accompany to its operation as an international food functioning. It has, therefore, depicted its successful operations with host countries and businesses within the host country in order to establish an effectual strategy to work ( KFC has experienced success in availing enormous marketing opportunities in the US because of the recent relaxation of rules and regulations that could have hindered the American companies to conduct business.

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