You will prepare and submit a term paper on Nutrition and Health in America. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length. The physical education programs which are introduced at the school level don’t offer sufficient physical activities which could keep a child healthy. So in their grooming ages like at the age of 5 they are not groomed well by their physical health trainers. And parents even don’t account the importance of physical education programs and they are only concerned about the academic activities of their children.

Unfortunately the schools don’t pay attention towards this serious matter and they take physical education program as an optional task for the students. They feel that they are only responsible to polish student’s mental abilities and to train them to get good grades.

The fact is that if the students are physically fit they can produce even more positive outcome. A well know proverb also says that “health is wealth” .If you are healthy then only you can contribute towards good and can perform better. This is plenty evidence to turn around the educational policies.

For example like mathematics and reading, the physical education should be made compulsory to pass the grade. It should be given its due importance like the other subjects as it grooms the personality of the child and takes him towards fitness as well as good grades.

Americans like to spend their leisure time in front of televisions, computers, electronic games etc. But some forces are trying to divert their attention towards the fact that exercise can bring health benefits for people belong to any age group and both genders. American Heart Association has also taken step by giving awareness that the exercise could keep people away from heart problems.

The opportunities to take part in marathon, cycle races and walks are being introduced by different charity fund raisers. It also plays role to motivate people to take part in such activities which could fulfill the need of exercise. The laws and regulations have also played its part in it. The walk paths are created for people to encourage going by walk wherever they want to go and not by motored transportation.

Pilates, yoga and other gentler activities are becoming popular among the people and attaining their attention towards them. World’s population on the world sports reveled that the participants were growing in many sports which were above 45.

Now days the events are specifically arranged for the people who belong to age group of 45 and above. They participate in such activities and pass their leisure time instead of watching televisions as they used to generation ago.

Now its time for parents and the education policy makes to take corrective action and should realize the importance of the physical education in the early ages of child. Parents should encourage their children to carry outdoor activities and to participate in such games which offer exercise .So that their adult ones could be able to develop immunity against different life taking diseases.

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