Write 10 pages with APA style on Researchers and laboratories. Overall, there is an expectation from this key customer group that there be a cost effective and guaranteed delivery mechanism in the postal services. Time is critical for them. But they are more particular about the time of delivery being committed rather than just being fast. In short, a fast, reliable and economical delivery mechanism is what is expected out of the postal services from this key customer group.

The courier service has been picked up as the business for consideration. This would work more like the postal services and would make use of the airline industry which would also benefit by introducing such a service. With the changing and dynamic scenario of currency exchange rates and international travel playing a major role in the airline industry, the courier or postal services will bring in a semblance of stability to the industry. Also, there are gaps in the airline industry which could make operation of the postal services profitable. Based on all these conditions, the airline industry is chosen to support the postal services that are planned for the purpose. In order to evaluate the possible impact of such a postal service on the using customers and the major or key customers and what they look for in this business, a survey is planned. The following groups of people are considered key customers for the business: 1. Researchers and two, Laboratories. These industries require delivery of a message or information from the researcher to the lab and vice versa swiftly as well as without any ambiguity. Therefore, the possibility that these people would become a key customer is high.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this work is to ensure that an appropriate survey is conducted on a key customer group resulting in gathering relevant information that will help the management to make appropriate decision. The objectives of this project are to conduct a market research and survey on the usefulness and acceptability of a postal service. In order to achieve both the aim and the objectives, it is important that an appropriate target or key customer group is identified. Secondly, a proper questionnaire is also designed for the purpose of conducting a survey. In line with this need, the following jobs are subsequently done.

Key Customer Group

Many of the schools and colleges have research fellows working under their stewardship. In addition, there are also researchers in private and public labs who are also on the job of research. It will be impossible for the researchers to share their work with their other colleagues without having appropriate communication methodology. Though with the large scale increase in technology, namely internet and email, it is still found that there is nothing that would equal printed paper sharing and the ease with which one can share the printed paper.

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