Write 52 pages thesis on the topic replacing core banking for adib. This has been done in the dissertation through a focus on competitive advantage and knowledge management tools, which may be used in order to understand the needs of a globally changing environment within which the banking industry thrives today. The SOA, on the basis of the model put forth, can undergo further research so as to be revolutionized as a more need sensitive solution to various core banking needs.

Apart from this, there is a vast scope for research into greater employee motivation as well as consumer satisfaction, both of which can come to herald banks as brands in themselves. As a service oriented field, the banking sector and the ADIB bank in particular can benefit greatly from such research.

Literature Review

This chapter reviews the literature that is being used as regards Core Banking Solutions. In order to do this, the researcher has made use of the previously available work also known as secondary research on the subject along the following technicalities:

Relevance to subject

Logical flow of information

In context of research methodology and overall problem of the dissertation.

To begin with, it is imperative to understand the meaning and importance of a literature review to any dissertation. A piece of research is incomplete without adherence to the work previously conducted on the subject. A researcher cannot move forward or find a fitting basis for research unless he or she regards the work of scholars who have dabbled in the field previously.

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