Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Human Resources Labor Relations, Employee Relations, and Global HR. It needs to be at least 750 words. The preliminary survey result will then be collated and submitted to the management which will include my professional evaluation and recommendation focusing on the major issues that the employees are facing and probable bargaining solutions as deemed appropriate. Informal recorded meetings will also be held with the union members prior to the actual negotiation so that preliminary solutions can be drafted. This way, the management will be prepared and the employees’ side will also be fairly represented.

This is a very important task of a supervisor because the absence of safety regulations in a manufacturing firm could mean not just loss of assets or income but employees’ lives as well. The first thing that I would do is form a committee that would plan and come up with safety standards. This will include experts on the machines or equipment that are being used, operators, engineers, electricians, production managers, and maintenance personnel. The first task for this committee is to gather essential information on the machines being used focusing on the risks or possible hazards that these will cause. After gathering adequate information, general guidelines will be established. Operators and maintenance personnel will be required to keep a logbook regarding the machine usage and maintenance frequency and requirements. The information will be used to re-assess the guidelines and to come up with specific policies. A module will be developed with the help and supervision of machine experts and this module will be used to train all the employees working in the manufacturing plant. Everybody should be aware of proper ways to do their jobs and to ensure their safety. Periodic training should be given so that employees’ competency will be assured. As the supervisor, I should also make sure that resources will be allocated properly and that the employees will be provided with complete uniform and safety gears and wearing of these will be strictly implemented. Aside from training and provision of resources, the committee will be tasked to continuously monitor and to submit regular reports about the over-all condition on the plant floor. Individual safety handbooks and general policies and procedures will be provided and safety reminders will be posted wherever appropriate. Last but not the least, formal and informal means of airing out complaints and opinions will be established and in case of accidents, everybody will be made aware of what to do and who to call. This way, the employees in the manufacturing plant will have a sense of security and confidence that they know the risks involved and are prepared for possible incidents in the plant.

Scenario Three: One of your plant managers will be sent to your sister company in Bulgaria for a period of three years. Write an expatriation and repatriation plan for this employee.

The expatriation plan will be divided into three: Base salary, benefits, and incentives.

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