Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Symbolic Interactionism in Police Culture. It needs to be at least 2500 words. It is within this specific area of thought that this research has included the symbolic interactionism of the police and others in the field of law enforcement. As philosophers search for the meaning of life and why circumstances present themselves in the ways they do, law enforcement occupations have similar philosophical reasoning’s in behind them as will be found in the current literary work. Whether the public understands it or not the police and other law officials utilize a very symbolic structure in their profession, often looking for factors in the environment, and interactions among people in society for possible clues to assist them in controlling crime and establishing livable and safe conditions for society as a whole. These are all extremely relevant issues within the police culture as well as in the sociological realm of communities also. These various thoughts are found to be detailed in the current literature being presented to enlighten readers as to how the occupational culture of the police does form symbolic meaning and utilizes the theory of symbolic interactionism within society.

This type of sociological mentality has a long standing tradition in sociology as well as an involvement in the various criminology theories of crime. This theoretical framework first became popular with the German sociologist, ‘Max Weber’ and then progressed into the Western part of the world through the work of ‘George M. Head (McClelland 2000). How the police utilize this theory is by studying the various forms of human behavior and how social processes evolve in society. The structure of the law is what is shown as having the control over certain social situations and the many social interactions with each other in social circles. Police develop a sociological pattern of behavior among people in society that helps them focus on certain areas where crime has the highest potential of occurring. Those in the field of law are very much like interactionists who study relative actions of people through paying close attention to details in everyday life. This type of observation has been proven to be able to pinpoint certain criminal intentions before the actual crime itself is given the opportunity to take place. Of course there are still law breaking activities occurring but that is because police are not able to be everywhere all at once and they aren’t psychic. However, the structure that they go by has definitely lead to decreases in crime within many parts of Europe and the UK as a whole. Furthermore, police officers serving specific communities are dedicated and committed to their jobs and they have to enforce the laws that have been instated to protect the various communities around them. Sometimes police are morally indifferent to some consequential laws but this does not effect how they carry out their service to those in society (Becker 1963).

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