Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Aboriginal Drinking Problems to the Cultural Construction. It needs to be at least 1500 words. By using this group of people as an example, culture and its construction can be explored to see how it is socially and politically structured, especially by using articles written by both indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.

The most obvious things about human social interactions are that people like to socialize with people they have things in common with. For example, international students may enjoy talking to other international students because they have a culture in common or the same visa issues. People who like some music will talk to people who like the same kind of music. This has led to some groups using fashion and other things to advertise their hobbies and interest as this may be a way to signal to others that they are open for conversation with people who enjoy the same. This social grouping can lead to cultural identity because it can be a reflection of a culture or sub-culture that others may find difficult to enter (Haviland, 1999). The same applies to people like the aboriginal Australians who share a similar ancestry and may share similar social structures and therefore may group themselves or be grouped.

It could be thought that because aboriginal Australians are a race and that they are often part of the same cultural group that race is the most important part of cultural construction. This is not true because racial construction is based on social construction more than biology. In the United Kingdom or the United States, for example, the aboriginal Australians would be treated differently than they are in Australia and placed into a different cultural construction (Anon, 2010). This would lead to them being expected to act, dress, and eat differently than the Australians believe that they should act. The indigenous Australians may even begin to take up some of these expectations as they are forced into another cultural construction and may begin to identify more with this new group as these become the norm.

One of the main things that are important in cultural construction is whether the people themselves think that they are part of this group.

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