Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Challenges, Strength, and Weakness of Adult Educator. Conversely, only twenty percent of the learning process takes place in the learning institutions. In this case, teaching done in the institutions is given bigger attention. This follows that this is the section of learning which involves adult students that can be influenced by using combined forms of learning.

First, it is obvious that knowledge is a prerequisite quality for a good teacher. In addition to professional knowledge, it is noteworthy for the tutor to consider enlarging his/her general knowledge of culture, humanity, society, methodology, psychology, politics, and history. This will, in turn, serve to boost the effectiveness in providing what the students need to know. In addition, this knowledge places the teacher in a good position to deal with the student’s curiosity and satisfy their diversified requirements.

Devotion and passionate love for students are another quality that a skillful teacher needs to have. In general, adult students exhibit diverse behavior. Consequently, the teacher must be well acquainted with methodologies of handling the students in a gentle and loving manner. Paying scrupulous attention to the students and knowing how to keep calm in any situation is imperative at this point. This will help much when giving the students advice and help them realize where they have gone wrong to realize positive change.

The only perfect and absolute trait of all good teachers is being reflective. This is so, as without it none of the other characters fully attains its goal. It has been observed that an outstanding teacher is required to think and reflect on their classes from time to time. In addition, the teacher gets so concerned over their students, methods of teaching, and even materials used to teach. Following these, comparisons are made and contrast drawn. The distinctions and parallels will be highlighted with respect to reviews and restoration. This works to ensure one keeps connected with the teaching and learning process.

A respectable adult teacher should be comfortable with not knowing. This is a case where one is required to be honest about the dilemmas that cannot be solved immediately. This is notable as one is dealing with mature minds that require honesty.

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