Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on colorimetric determination of salicylate in urine. In plants, salicylate is used as a natural pesticide. In treatment, salicylate is used in the treatment of moderate to mild pain.

The most commonly known salicylate is aspirin. Aspirin has been extracted from willow bark. Initially, during its introduction, aspirin was considered to be very safe in treatment but in recent times, there have been numerous side effects that have been documented. These include such things as gastrointestinal effects, respiratory effects, hearing loss, fecal and urinary incontinence, salicylate induced hypoglycemia, and toxicity of salicylate in breast milk (Cavanaugh & Bambenek, 1976). Despite the known effects of the salicylate, there are numerous cases where salicylate is being used to treat various diseases. Moreover, there are numerous cases of poisoning that are prevalent in children and adolescents.

Considering the fact that a large number of people are consuming the drug either knowingly or unknowingly, the determination of salicylate in the human body is paramount to facilitate proper prescription treatments. Colorimetric determination of salicylate in urine is one of the methods used in the determination of salicylate in the human body. In this method, the presence of the compound is determined together with its concentration (Shaw, 2011).

15.00 cm3 of synthetic urine sample was then pipetted into another 25.00 cm3 volumetric flask and 2.50 cm3 of iron III added to the solution. The solution was then made up to the mark of the volumetric flask using distilled water. All the solutions were then stoppered, mixed thoroughly and then left to stand for five minutes.

Using beer lamberts law, the concentration of salicylate can be easily determined (Shaw, 2011). The determination of the concentration of salicylate can be determined in ways. Ways using the beer lamberts law. If the molar absorptivity of a solution at a given wavelength is known, the concentration is calculated directly using the beer.

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