Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses development of language in the classroom. This subsequently could lead to the risk of the students dropping out of schools in which they are and lead to problems that could be for a lifetime. Such problems could be the risks of unemployment and opportunities of having pleasure in their places of work and in their general life. This has been found to be a problem that is diverse and has been to occur in daily occurrences. For instance, the students who are not able to read are faced with absolute challenges such as poor skills to watch television sets in their homes. Other problems such as making phone calls to their peers and the unadorned skills of giving directions and literacy skills are a challenge to these students.

The improvement of the ability to read for these students thus is imperative to alleviate them from the problems that they probably would face in the future. The art of reading is essential and recounts to be more than just a mere collection of wording (Stewart & Clarke, 2003). Reading occurs to incorporate the value of symbols as well as deciphering the meaning of various test subjects. This, in turn, leads to fluency in creating meaning to the information that is available for them to complete their knowledge database.

Subsequently, the various strategies to raise the literacy skills shall be evaluated to capture the best for the deaf students in bringing into position their best academic skills.

So as to alleviate their reading problems and create a way in which students can learn, there are vital steps within which students can be taken through. To be in a position to learn effectively, the acquiring of the vocabularies that are elemental is the first step towards acquiring the best of their reading abilities. Studies carried out in the past show that there exists a relationship between the attaining of knowledge and the continuance of literacy. As such, the students that are deaf and have a hearing problem need this potential breaking down of language to jump-start their basis of learning (Stewart & Clarke, 2003). Unlike the normal students, this knowledge and structure have to be passed on and instilled in the students in a careful manner. This is in order to curb the negative aspects of the outcomes that the non-hearing students may have in their learning abilities.

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