Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses how wireless technology redefines classroom learning. With the advancement of wireless technology, learning has never been this easy, fun, and convenient. Students are now being equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to compete with the digital age.

The term WiFi comes from the word “Wireless Fidelity,” a trademark of the WiFi Alliance. WiFi is a network that uses a high frequency of radio waves to enable the transfer of data from one place to another. otherwise, it will not function properly. It enables devices such as a computer, mobile phones, and MP3 players to gain access to the Internet provided it is within a specific range of a wireless network that has a connection to the Internet. It can work in as far as several hundred feet between two places from where data is being transmitted.

In today’s era of computer, the use of WiFi in schools and universities is widespread. According to the WiFi Alliance, “90% of college students say WiFi access is as essential as classroom and computers while 79% say that without WiFi access, the college would be a lot harder (Bisson, n.d.). This has led many schools and universities to integrate wireless Internet connection instead of spending their budget on computer laboratories. What drives schools from incorporating WiFi into the classroom is the increasing concern for security, students demand wireless Internet connection, the need to expand the phone systems of the school, and the growing number of WiFi-designed products. This latest innovation in technology allows students to learn in the most convenient way possible. It allows them to create projects using web-based tools and do research and tasks the easiest and fastest way thus making learning more fun.

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