I will pay for the following article International Environmental Governance. The work is to be 15 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Legitimacy is key for this to happen because it can establish more effective and extensive environmental action in the global arena. Many non-environmental institutions have taken advantage and decided to subordinate them to make goals of the open market, efficiency, and economic growth (Sanoh et al. 2014).

Production, processing, and other business activities around the globe large affect the environment through greenhouse gasses emission. These emissions include dangerous gasses like carbon dioxide, which is largely known for its wide environmental pollution. Based on these governments and other environmentally0 sensitive bodies are finding it necessary to establish policies geared towards managing the effects of these emissions into the environment. According to these bodies and other concerned authorities, the same businesses or organizations responsible for these emissions are better placed in helping manage the situation. These authorities and concerned governments feel that the management or reduction of greenhouse emissions can be done in three important ways as follows. mandating various businesses and individuals to change their actions towards technology choices and application, subsidizing business and individuals to allow them to invest in lower-emitting goods and services and pricing external greenhouse gas emission. These decisions or strategies are meant businesses and individuals engage in environmentally friendly business operations or activities. They are also meant to ensure businesses take responsibility for various actions (Morris, Nivola & Schultze 2012).

Environmental governance has proven to be a major challenge for most government agencies. Based on this, the government feels privatization of environmental governance would go extra steps to bring the much-needed sanity. This privatization process involves giving nongovernmental bodies authority or go-ahead to develop and implement&nbsp.various strategies meant to steer environmental safety.

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