Need an research paper on three different forms of reading instructions. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Much of the knowledge is gained through the use of print media and this also means that readers are inherently more successful at comprehending text that is dealing with a familiar subject. Additionally, the interpretation of the text is also based on a number of external factors such as the use of life experiences in comprehension and understanding of the text.

Apart from this, the level of understanding is highly dependent on the interrelation of different parts of the text as well as the degree of redundancy of the information being discussed upon (a partially redundant text helps the reader stay in greater touch with the text). The way in which a text is organized also allows the users to make certain predictions and compare them with the actual outcomes of the subsequent information. This comparison between the desired and the most logically believed outcomes and the actual outcomes determines the level of coherence between the message being conveyed by the text and the manner in which the reader interprets the meaning.

The purposes of reading are themselves multi-faceted. A reader can pursue such an interest for the purposes of gathering information or for pleasure. In fact, the importance of the reading process determines the intensity with which the reader would be focusing on the reading process. Readers contract mental images of how they perceive the thing to be and assess whether they understand it totally. In case of a mismatch, the reader may switch to another text in order to utilize the time in a better way. As such, it is always important to ensure that the pattern of instruction is well defined and properly structured (Michael Pressley, 2005).

A reader may not receive information from text alone. In fact, the word ‘text’ has been referred to all along with deals with the process of knowledge sharing through a number of mediums. However, all such mediums and their associated patterns and procedures are varied in nature and need to be discussed in detail. It is in this context that the term reading instruction has arisen.

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