Write a 5 pages paper on design culture in spacesuit: fashioning apollo by nicholas de monchaux. With regard to spacesuits, it can be stated that the 19th century was called the era of “Apollo”, in that era spacesuits were harder than 20th-century spacesuits. The author had been mentioned this kind of technicality in the entire book and provided other more valuable information about twenty-one layer spacesuit. The author intends to reflect on the technical advancement, which leads to the creation of better effective spacesuits than previously. The entire book demonstrates the unexpected victory due to the use of Playtex and twenty-one layer spacesuits and its journey to the lunar surface. It is found that military people used “Playtex” which was softer than the NASA engineer’s spacesuits because of its effective layering. The author argues about the effectiveness of Playtex because of its softness, appropriate design, and stitching, which is different from the prior used armor suits by the military. The author states that NASA engineers used hardcoded spacesuit, which was more traditional than Military Spacesuits. Therefore, the concept of a twenty-one layer spacesuit in the twenty-one chapter is expressed to realize the benefit of the spacesuits by Playtex. Various facts are described by the author in the entire book about the designing of the spacesuits and its relevance. In the stated book, different kinds of spacesuits and how the spacesuits are designed in the current technological era and how it is different from the past when spacesuits have been well crafted. The book offers an objective lesson about the previous design and the present design of the spacesuit. In this context, it&nbsp.can be stated as per the knowledge gained from the book that hand created space suit is more valuable than the technology used in crafted space suits. Fabricated complexity makes the space suits more redundant and independent. &nbsp.

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