Write 5 pages with APA style on Interaction and Usability, Insurance Sales Tracking. This paper will take an overview of the system and its functionality. In addition, it will provide a practical guide to the successful marketing of insurance products through keeping track of the essential records of other famous artists.

The rapid growth and enhancement of digital technology have seen a tremendous transformation in the field of marketing and research. Systems such as UPC scanners, instore tracking and caller id systems collect customer information and shopping patterns which r so important. Online research has taken center stage and its impacts are huge. With the steady penetration of the internet to homes has led to simplified primary research methods a task now no longer left to partners. Primary research for this system will include direct interviews and questionaries’ to be filled and upon collection compiles and sorted appropriately.

Naturally, secondary research consists of a library, books, magazines and all forms of print media. Traditionally considered a slow and is time-consuming. With the introduction of the internet and digital information, secondary research has become similar to primary research.

John is a 26-year-old and works as a salesperson in an insurance agency. He has recently been hired by the agency and has received three days of training on the agency’s products and packages. He has been given a booklet with all the information he will need to make sales. He is eager to make a good impression and hopes to exceed the sales target set for him by his manager.

About 80% of potential buyers usually do not know all the packages offered by the agency and thus have questions regarding all the products. They also ask for advice regarding which product would be best for them with regard to their unique needs and capabilities. He however feels awkward using the manual in the presence of potential buyers as he feels it gives the impression that he does not understand the products.

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