Write 5 pages thesis on the topic personal learning plan. Any wastage might be disastrous because it might not be recovered whatsoever. In my opinion, a good time manager is someone who plans all the activities and does them as per the schedule. More often than not, a student operates in a well-organized system in which every activity is planned (Tan, 2011). Being fortunate to be undertaking an online study, I might not be subject to institutional tight schedules that are often imposed on learners. However, this does not exempt me from being conscious of my time.

Everything that I do needs to be planned. If I fail to utilize my time well, I would have to regret it. As an upcoming economist, I am war that I need to do everything within my capacity to excel. Otherwise, I might not appeal to any employer. So, after knowing this, I need to do everything within my capacity to ensure that I do not even waste a single minute because it is for my own benefits (Roberts, 2006).

The main reason why proper time management is my number one goal is that it will propel me towards success in my studies and job upon graduation. It is the most important one in my life as a student and a professional. Right now, I am struggling to complete my economics and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) courses. As an online student, I need to be very careful about the way I utilize m time because I am not in physical contact with my tutors and colleagues. so, for me to pass all the examinations and get the highly regarded accreditation, I will have to properly use my time-read, conduct researches and do all my quizzes and exams without any failure (Ellis, Toft & Dawson, 2012). All these depend on the manner in which I plan myself.

For me to be an outstanding economist, I have to be a good time manager. Time management, as I have observed, is a core value for any professional. It is one of the ways through which hard work, discipline and the determination of an employee are gauged. Meaning, by being a good time manager is equated to all&nbsp.the other important attributes that employers are looking for in their workforce (Fiore, 2006). So, I have to do my best to nurture myself as a good time management because it will help me to succeed as a professional.

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