Write 5 pages thesis on the topic how i bluffed my way through college by kate harding. Well-known blogger and writer Kate Harding in her essay “How I bluffed my way through college” dismisses the belief that one needs to read classics if one wants to become a writer. Harding should have titled the essay “Why I bluffed” instead of “How I bluffed.” Using rhetorical device anaphora she tries to justify her act for not reading classics while her goal was to get a degree in English literature. Harding throughout the essay uses puns and anaphora as her principal rhetorical strategies. The article describes Kate Harding through the eyes of Mr. White, her English teacher, and her mother. it also presents Harding’s version of herself. Harding uses these descriptions as evidence and reasoning (logos), utilizes them to explain why she bluffed (pathos) and concludes that she eventually became a successful writer without reading classics (ethos).

Harding begins her essay by dividing her schoolmates into two groups. one who adored Mr. White, the English teacher and others who despised (“How I bluffed” par. 1). She does not clarify the reasons, but readers can easily guess that Mr. White liked to give students plenty of assigned texts. the nerds adored him for it while the rest despised. Nevertheless, she acknowledges that Mr. White, among most adults, knew her best, and was able to describe to the point who she was: “Kate will never be a cheerleader, but she has a genuine love of learning (“How I bluffed” par. 1).” The author uses antithesis as a rhetorical strategy to describe her passion for learning, ‘She is never without a book. usually not the assigned text (“How I bluffed” par. 1).” Kate Harding uses her English teacher’s assessment as an ethical explanation to justify that even though she never liked the assigned texts, but she was always with books and she loved to learn. It is in another way to say does it matter reading classics to become a writer.

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