I need some assistance with these assignment. human performance technology Thank you in advance for the help! Human performance technology is a systematic amalgamation of three primary processes: cause analysis, performance analysis, and intervention selection (Van Tiem, Moseley & Dessinger, 2012). The purpose of any business is to realize optimum profits in its transactions. However, the people working in an organization are the significant determinants of achieving the organization’s goals. Therefore, men’s role management’s role is appropriate measures in place to orient its staff towards the realization of the firm’s objectives. Consequently, human performance technology is one of the most effective ways to achieve optimum production in an organization (Chyung, 2008).

Moreover, managerial skills are essential in the application of human performance technology. This condition necessitates the role of training for administrative and other staff in an organization to achieve effective skills. For instance, in a business organization, the management is only entitled to provide the employees with the necessary production resources despite its goals. This implies that the major part of the goals’ achievement lies in the firm’s employees’ hands. This analogy dictates the reason as to why an organization’s management should stress optimally in the employees’ competence and productivity (Van Tiem, Moseley & Dessinger, 2012). Additionally, the management’s primary obligation to ensure the achievement of the firm’s set goals is accomplished via the minimum cost of production. This pre-requisite outlines the outstanding necessity of human performance technology to make the process of objectives’ achievement easier.

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The efficiency of the employees’ production will depend on the prevailing relationship between them and the management. A healthy and optimistic code of conduct between managerial and working staff implies optimum competence and production achievement. Several models support intervention efforts and performance analysis in an organization. The following sections outline an overview of four models. their pros and cons. and each model’s potential use. Finally, the paper also portrays a comparison and contrast of the models.

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