Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on information technology and corporate strategy Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! This article focuses on the role of CIO or chief information officer in a higher education organization. With information technology growing, the role of CIO has become extremely important in organizations. He plays roles of educator and communicator in the organization, according to the article. The author also highlights the necessary qualities in a CIO which are leadership skills and management skills. The author has used the analogy of an orchestra to explain how executives in the higher education organization work. The author argues that the CIO should be a soloist and should also be able to play the orchestra in a concert using the other executives.

According to this article, information technology planning cannot be done in isolation and it should be a part of the overall strategic plan of the institution, and only then it will be effective. The authors have called for integration between information technology and institutional goals and mission. The article identifies three constructs that help in information technology planning which are leadership, quality of resources, and quantity of resources. The article also includes a section on the funding of information technology.

The article talks about the role of information technology strategic plan plays in the success of the organization. The author has highlighted three essential building blocks that are important in developing an information technology strategic plan. The article also includes a list of business drivers and customer expectation with the perspective of an IT organization. A number of technologies are also discussed that can help in providing business solutions to IT organization. In the end, the author has discussed an information technology business model. Throughout the article, the author has tried to connect information technology with general business concepts.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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