Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Information Technology Infrastructure. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Many are the operations that computer systems can support. Organizations that embrace these systems in their daily operations are likely to experience time-based efficiency and reduced operational cost, translating into increased profit margins.Statement: The underlying principle of an enterprise network is that every system should be in a position of communicating, providing, and retrieving information. Attainment of this principle is not a one-time thing. it has to go through numerous evolutions that cut across several organizations’ spheres.The Value Added to the Statement is:A business’s social environment is one-factor shaping enterprise network evolution. Business enterprises need to engineer their societies to enhance operations routinely. A good example is a business resorting to embedding the Facebook follow button on its official website in response to the growing number of Facebook users.Globalization is another factor that shapes the evolution of enterprise networks. A business enterprise intending to provide services or products worldwide would need to use IT systems that comply with global standards. For instance, an enterprise intending to attain a global competitive edge would be compelled to use competitor enterprises’ business intelligence tools.Technological developments also influence the dimension that enterprise networks take. Technology constantly replaces low skill positions and roles even in the network arena. As such, businesses have to upgrade their enterprise networks as per the technological innovations to remain relevant in the face of this fast-paced business environment.Conclusion: Several factors dictate the dimension of an enterprise network. Every evolutionary measure that pertains to an enterprise network should put these factors into consideration if the attainment of the overall organization objectives is anything to go by.


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