Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on research methods in education Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! In this paper, use of Quantitative Data by Chase M. A. and Dummer G. M. will be briefly discussed and more importantly it will be analyzed whether or not they have conducted experiment appropriate for answering the question they wanted to answer, whether or not they have presented the data in an appropriate manner and also how the experiment could have been improved further.

Data collection instrument in the experiment conducted by Chase and Dummer was a questionnaire developed and used by researchers like Buchanan et al (1976), Coleman (1976) and Feltz (1978). Additionally, they have also collected additional data pertaining to the demography of the subjects (students) like gender, age, grade, ethnic background etc. They have also included some more questions in addition to what has been there in the questionnaire developed and used by the previous co-workers.

Whenever the data is collected using a questionnaire it is important to know how reliable was the instrument for collecting the data it is intended to collect. What it means if the same questionnaire is presented to the same group of subjects after a gap of reasonable time span so that he has forgotten what he had reported earlier, then how many similarities will the two set of response will show. To test reliability of the data collection instrument (Questionnaire), researchers usually conduct “Test-Retest Analysis” using the questionnaire with a small set of respondents say 20 or 25 subjects at a gap of two weeks or so and then they compare the two set of response to analyze the reliability of the Data Collection Instrument (Questionnaire) by using Kappa Statistics K. This effectively tests whether or not there is internal consistency in the data collection instrument (Cohen et al 2007).

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