Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Schemes of Emiratization Implemented on Organizational Level in UAE. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The research takes into account all the Emiratization strategies that are effective. The research is quite important from the economical point of view as it provides the details about the about the increasing employment opportunities for the Emiratis.

Research design can be defined as the strategy designed to investigate the research questions. It also defines the procedure necessary to conduct a study. The primary data that will be collected for the purpose of research will be examined using both the qualitative and quantitative tools. Quantitative analysis is based on the positivist approach of social sciences, whereas qualitative research is the critical approach to social sciences (Franklin 53).

Both qualitative, as well as quantitative analysis, have separate benefits. Quantitative analysis of data allows interpreting the answers of the respondents and providing its statistical representation. This approach provides a brief view of the detailed finding of the study. It also eliminates the error of subjectivity and clearly recognizes the dependent and independent research variables. One of the major advantages of qualitative analysis is that it promotes flexibility present in the research environment. It does not restrict the environment where the individuals are providing answers to the questions being asked (Ernst 2).

The data will be collected from the respondents in the form of a questionnaire and interview. As decided the sample for this study are the employees of the DP world. The research design selected will be quite suitable for the study.

The questionnaire is an easy and cost-effective mean of collecting data from respondents. It is also a reliable mean as respondents are provided with the option, so they are clear about what they want to choose. It is the most concisely used tool of data collection, which will help us to collect the specific information on a particular topic.

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