Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Speedy Feet Athletic Club System Design. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Unregistered athletes are not allowed to carry out this activity.

The venue advisor collects details of all available venues corresponding to their facilities and introduces them to the system. The assumption made is that managers of different venues provide information in paper form but they do not fill it directly into the system.

The timekeepers association supplies the timekeepers for the event. They fill in details of available timekeepers submit them to Ethan. The details are saved to the database for inclusion in making the schedule. It is thought the Timekeepers association gives details of what activity the timekeepers are suited best.

The competition advisor is the key to a successful event. This will involves combining details of available venues and timekeepers, athletes taking part in the event, kinds of events to take place. The system will automatically produce a schedule with comprehensive details. The advisor will distribute the schedule to respective parties so as to let timely training especially to athletes and venue organizers.

This is finally the hard copy. It contains details of how the events are to take place, where, when, who is taking part, who is the timekeeper. All those are the contained details of the print schedule.

Ethan is an intermediate between venue advisor and the event`s register. He peruses the different files in the registry to get details of available venues. After getting the list he prepares the season’s calendar using the details. The task takes a lot of time because the registry maintains its file in paper form. Ethan will need a system with a database where he can access data at the click of a mouse anywhere at any time. An online-based database is suited best. This system will allow the venue advisor to feed details of different venues and their availability. Once Ethan visits the site he will only require choosing the appropriate venues at the comfort of his office.

The system is supposed to provide an interface with information about the different venues and when they are available. This interface should have a search capability to enable Ethan in finding a venue by just only searching through the database. This kind of online-based database will enable those willing to offer venues to register and wait for confirmation if they qualify.

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