I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Dark Side of the Web. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Not only has this technology promoting positive changes in commerce, but also the system of education and the social life. New approaches to interaction and learning have cropped up. This technology can be said to have induced a new definition of social interaction and learning. One such technology is computer-mediated communication. CMC brought a new dawn of communication that has both positive and the negative aspects to the users.

Computer-mediated communication is defined as that methodology through which people deliver and receive human data, by either through a single or many networked systems of telecommunications. The interaction involving the computer-mediated communication utilizes numerous networking technologies as well as the software. Among these necessities are. the internet relies on chats, UseNet mailing list, and electronic mails. CMC is further broken into either asynchronous or synchronous. In an asynchronous category, the data is posted at the convenience of its sender and the respondent encodes his or her response during his or her convenient time. There is no direct conversation in asynchronous communication. On the other hand, synchronous data posting involves real-time conversations between the senders, through the electronics, and the recipient of the data being sent.

Honestly, I must say I have been astounded, perplexed and amused by some of the aspects of computer-mediated communication. Some of the aspects that have amused me are the elimination of certain structures. My reference to structures, in this case, refers to a classroom. It is amusing to realize that learning has become virtual in many aspects. An individual gets to acquire knowledge in the comfort of his or her bed. In other words, knowledge acquisition and other forms of learning take place within the confines of the homestead where the distance factor has been eliminated.

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