Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: The Musician of Today. Originality, in this respect, is an important word. Originality may be described as a phenomenon that caters to the personal sense of creation that an artist indulges in. This sense of creation is something that is an outcome of the artist’s sense of aesthetics and what he or she feels will have wide acceptance and appeal in the long run. In this regard, artists generally regard qualities like timelessness and mass appeal in the creation of work that will be demonstrated before people. Originality is an important concept for this paper due to the nature of the topic. Is it possible to remain original by playing classics – that too without adding a touch of your own to a piece of work? The role of originality here is in the creation. A musician may create a classic on his own and it will be called recreation. Most people might argue that it is important to render your own elements even when playing classics so as to ensure that there is a demonstration of how a person can improvise. In this regard, the counter-argument is that the listener is usually not concerned with the technicalities. It very often happens that a recreation of a certain piece of work is not taken to well in its “improvised” form as there are constant comparisons with the original. This works against the musician in question, therefore making his work ‘a cheap imitation’.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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