Write 5 pages with APA style on University of California Transfer. Since the winter quarter when I was taking macroeconomics and microeconomics, I have devoted much effort to Economics in a bid to understand how human beings can derive satisfaction from the economic resources at their disposal.

I participated in economic activities every Saturday for a period of four months from the fall of 2008 when I participated in YMCA Camp Campbell, which was connected with the ‘institute and civic engagement’ program. The exposure presented me with an opportunity to understand the role of non-profit organizations in our society and their importance. I realized that there are many people who are in need in the community, which made me view capitalism in a different perspective. I found that there was a need to deal with the blind spots of capitalism. I have also participated in the economic affairs of San Francisco when I was a member of the Student for Justice in school (SJF). We took a firm and frank approach as a group in voicing our criticism on the budget cut agenda in San Francisco. In the winter quarter of early this year, SJF hosted the discussion session about ‘the blind spots of new liberalism’ based on the global economic slump from America, where we discussed a market-oriented rule, capitalism, market principles, and government regulations.

I have also volunteered for a brown bag program at Santa Clara County where I had an opportunity to understand the difference between the rich and the poor in the economy. The program involved providing low-income families and seniors with foodstuffs. I founded the ‘Student Business Simulation’ club in school and promoted the strategy meetings where we shared opinions on market trends, business cycles, and political economies. I have acted in the PTK Honors Society and participated in many conferences since the spring quarter of 2009 where economic and political issues interested me a great deal. I also attended the PTK Regional Summer Honors.

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