Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on use of mobile phones by college students and its effects on their academics. &nbsp.It was revealed that the mobile phone was the primary method used by these students to establish direct contacts with their parents. It also showed that female students tend to contact their parents a lot more frequently than male students. Almost all participants felt it necessary to communicate with their parents at least once a day and some even liked to communicate with them more than once (Yi-Fan & Katz, 2008).

Even though this study provides a number of different aspects of college students’ use of mobile phones, there were limitations that may have had an effect on the research results. The research groups were restricted to students from only one university which limited the sample pool. To enhance the scope of the study it is important that more students are included from different universities (Yi-Fan & Katz, 2008).

Another aspect of using mobile phones by college students is to use them as a means of a fashion statement. Katz and Sugiyama (2006) conducted a study in which the researchers explored the idea of mobile phones being used as fashion statements across the United States and Japan. The study argues that contrary to the belief that the use of mobile phones is not just popular because of their function as a communication device, but also their role as fashionable tools. This study uses the domestication theory by Silverstone and Haddon (2003) which provides an understanding of how technological goods become symbolic in nature for their users. Results of the study showed that a large number of students thought fashion was relevant when it came to the adoption of a personal communication device. Using these devices students tend to perceive other students’ status and that the use of mobile technology is becoming a physical and symbolic part of these students. The study resulted in understanding the basis on which students make their decisions about the adaptation of a particular handheld device&nbsp.(Katz & Sugiyama, 2006).

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