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These are very relevant and interesting videos, review a couple and choose the one for you. I look forward to your reflection

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TSMC outsources work to OSAT.
TSMC outsources some of the processes of its CoWoS packaging business to OSAT, products in small batch customization products. Some high-performance chips require small-batch production. However, TSMC is more specialized in handling the process at the wafer level. Processing small batch production is less automated and requires more manpower in TSMC’S plants. OSAT has more experience and is more specialized in handling small-batch customization products. By outsourcing this part of the work to OSAT, TSMC would be more productive and could focus on the core function of its business.
Shanghai Metals Market. (2021, November 25). New cooperation model? TSMC outsourced part of the CoWoS process to OSAT. Retrieved October 11, 2022, from

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