Kate Perry Jones, Vice President of Human Resources Transformation at Stanley Black and Decker, will visit our class and give a presentation. In anticipation of her visit, you can complete research on the company. This is an extra credit assignment, and you are not required to complete it. However, if you do complete the assignment, you will earn 10 extra credit points (above and beyond attending events).
Directions. You are responsible for completing research on Stanley Black & DeckerLinks to an external site.. In total, you will answer 20 questions about the company. Finally, use this document to complete the assignment.
Resources. The following resources could be helpful for this assignment.
Stanley Black and Decker – Company Overview. Access the report hereActions.
You can visit Stanley Black and Decker’s website hereLinks to an external site..
You can search for additional information about Stanley Black and Decker hereLinks to an external site.. Note! You will need to log into the library before accessing Marketline. Once you log in, type the company name, select “company profiles” from the drop-down menu, and hit search.
1. Company Overview. Write 2-3 sentences summarizing the company overview.
2. Mission Statement. What is the company’s mission statement?
3. Industry. What is the company’s reputation within the industry? Have there been any significant changes to the industry?
4. Products or Services. What are the most prominent products or services?
5. Employees. How many employees work for the organization?
6. History. When did the organization start? Why did the organization start?
7. Senior Leadership. Who is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer)? Who is the CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer)?
8. Stock Price. What is their current stock price, today? [Enter the date when you answer this question. e.g., The company’s stock price is $_____ as of Sep 27, 2022]
9. Location. Where is the headquarters located? (City & State, Country – if outside of the US)
10. Global or Domestic. Does the company operate globally or US-Only?
11. Customers. Are their key customers global or in the US only?
12. Financial Acumen. What is the revenue over the last 2-3 years?
13. Revenue Trend. Has revenue grown – if so, why? Has revenue declined – if so, why?
14. Competitors. Name 3-4 major competitors
15. Recent Awards. Often companies will list awards they received from external organizations. Name one award the company won in the last 1-2 years (e.g., Best Place to Work).
16. Community Partnerships. Identify at least one community partnership. Specifically, you are searching for an example of how the organization gives back to local communities. Company partnerships might include schools, colleges, universities, community organizations, or non-profits.
17. Media Coverage. Find one recent news story (i.e., something published within the last six months). Why have they been in the news recently? Include the hyperlink for the article.
Company Website. Visit the company’s career website and get a look and feel for the (1) company culture and (2) opportunities for college graduates.
18. Culture. What did you learn about the culture?
19. Recent Grads. What opportunities are available for college students? Recent graduates?
20. Company Question. Write one question you want to learn about the company. This is a question based on your research, and it will help you learn more about their hiring opportunities, culture, etc.

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