“The data comes into the room from many sources, and you have to use that data like a modern-day orchestra leader, blending the inputs in real time in a combination that is as much an art as a science.”
—Louis Paskalis, senior vice president, Bank of America
Reference: Buchanan, C. (2014, April 2). 10 thought-provoking digital marketing quotes. Oracle Marketing Cloud. http://www.responsys.com/blogs/nsm/cross-channel-marketing/10-thought-provoking-digital-marketing-quotes/

Modern-day marketers and retailers have access to a variety of big data pertaining to the habits and behaviors of their consumers. Careful use of this data can allow smarter decision making for more effective marketing of products and services. Hadoop stack components can be used to manage big data generated from marketing activities.

To prepare:
• Review the resources and media for this week.
• Research online sources, including articles related to digital marketing use cases for big data.

Use this for each paragraph:

Post a 350- to 500-word response in APA7 format in which you include:
• Describe a specific marketing big data use case that involves at least two of the big data V-characteristics.
• Explain, in sufficient detail, how the following two typical Hadoop stack components can be used to support management and processing of big data for the generation of useful business analytics:
o MapReduce
Note: Your discussion need not go into extensive technical detail, but it should outline key functions of the selected Hadoop components that come into play when working with the data sets.

Sources to be used for citation and reference:
NOTE: The transcripts of video references below are attached to order

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Note: Chapter 3

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