Succession planning refers to the process by which new leaders are identified and developed within a given organization to ensure a seamless transition when existing leadership leaves the organization. An effective succession plan is often subtle because the change should be seamless; however, an ineffective succession plan can result in visible consequences as the challenges associated with the change become obvious.

Select a high-profile change in leadership at a public or nonprofit agency. You may choose an agency that you have worked for or have seen in the headlines or research. Analyze the artifacts of communication around how the change was announced and decide whether the transition was seamless from a public perspective.

Agency chosen: Disney. Leadership change from Bob Iger to Bob Chapek.

Provide a brief background on the chosen public or nonprofit agency.
Explain a recent change in leadership that took place in that organization.
Identify the artifacts of communication that were used around the change in leadership.
Analyze the strategies used with those artifacts to communicate the change in leadership.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the execution of the agency’s succession plan.

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