While the outline is a tool for writers to organize their thoughts, many students get bogged down in the particulars of outline formatting (when to use Roman numerals, when to use lowercase letters, etc.). If that style of outline works for you, then use that style. If not, the readings provide several options for outlining. The point is to use whatever processes best organize your own thinking and planning for this project.
Think through what you want to tell your readers about the community you’re studying. How do they use writing to pursue their common interests or goals? What example communications do you want to quote? What are the most important or interesting ways your community interacts? What ideas do you want to incorporate from your secondary sources, and what passages do you want to quote?
And the best question to ask yourself: what type of outline will actually help you write a rough draft? This is not an instruction-following exercise so much as a problem-solving exercise. The best outlines help solve the problem of having lots of ideas and information to organize for a project.
For this assignment, create and upload an outline that organizes your research and ideas for Project 2.

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