Case Analysis of GE (General Electric) Formatting Notes: 1) Use font style Times New Roman size 12 with double spacing for all assignments and one inch margins on all sides. 2) Be thorough enough to answer each question, but also strive to be concise. All assignments should have an appropriate introduction, body, and conclusion. The page requirements for this assignment are 2-3 pages. Do not exceed 4 pages. 3) Use APA formatting for in-text citations and for your reference list in order to cite the textbook, the case study, and any outside sources. You must cite the textbook and at least one outside source. REMEMBER, ALL DIRECT QUOTES NEED PAGE NUMBERS IN THE IN-TEXT CITATION. 4) Use the information you have learned from the text (but make sure you are not directly copying and pasting sentences from the textbook or case without the use of quotation marks and proper APA formatting). 5) Title page, Tables, and References do not count toward your page limit. 6) Structure your paper in a manner that makes it easy to tell that you have addressed each part of the question. You must use headings for each section. 7) Please refer to the rubric for details on grading criteria. Assignment Requirements 1) One introductory paragraph. Introduce and summarize the case including the main challenges presented. This should be brief. 2) Write at least one paragraph for each of the following questions: a. How is this case related to what we have learned so far? You could include information such as how this case is related to this chapter and previous chapters; the ways different concepts, theories, and frameworks were applied; the ways different concepts, theories, and frameworks *should* have been applied if they were not, etc. b. What should other organizations do to implement the ideas in this case? You could include information such as lessons learned, examples of mistakes made, etc. c. How can you personally use the information presented in this case? You could include information about your personal life, professional life, career aspirations, etc. 3) One conclusion paragraph. Summarize your thoughts.

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