Note the following statistics by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO):

The CDC’s nCoVID-19 Data (as of ~September 28, 2022)*

  • January 2020:  First case identified in the US 
  • 96,052,716 cases in the US.
  • 1,053,173 deaths in the US.

WHO’s nCoVID-19 Data (as of October 7, 2022)*

  • ~617,597,680 cases reported worldwide.
  • ~6,532,705 deaths reported worldwide.

*Based on the above statistics, the U.S., with only ~4% of global population, has ~16% of cases and 16% of deaths!  Why, in your opinion, does the U.S. have the highest number of reported cases and deaths than any other country?

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