Choosing the right media is at the core of all marketing. It is the key means of understanding your consumer and how to reach them most effectively at the most relevant time. TASK: You are the target. Choose a product that you use daily. Create a Personal Media Network (PMN) for yourself from the moment you wake in the morning until you go to sleep at night. Based on your PMN and your product, determine the media aperture for this product. There could be more than one media aperture. Requirements Marks Outline yourself as the target 5 – 23 years old/Downtown Toronto/ Full time student/psychographic/behavioural Create your Personal Media Network for one full day 10 – Clear, relevant, insightful Based on your chosen product and you PMN, when are you most 10 receptive to the message? (Media Aperture). Why? What media would reach you when you are most receptive to your 10 message? Why? What would be the advertising appeal for your ad? Why? 5 Total 50 Outline your chosen product – What are the key benefits and how does your product differ from the competition 5 Overall Communication • Clear and structured • Insightfulness • Spelling (s), grammar (g), word choice (wc) • Length, no more than 2 pages 5

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