You will research and prepare a presentation about image.  Your research / presentation should provide the following information / answers:

  1. What is raster image? List two (2) common types of raster image.
  2. What is a vector image? List two (2) common types of vector image.
  3. Create a table listing pros and cons comparing raster vs. vector images. You should present at list three (3) pros and three (3) cons for each type of image.
  4. Show one (1) good and (1) bad example of raster image. Explain why it is a good and bad example.
  5. Show two (2) examples of vector images.
  6. What is the difference between ppi and dpi?
  7. Which are the common resolution used for: website, plotter, banner and social media. Why do we use different resolution for each type of media?
  8. How you identify the real size of an image using resolution and pixels?

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