Violence in Modern Society 1. Demonstrate critical understanding of the socio-cultural phenomenon of violence and familiarity with its contemporary manifestations 2. Critically evaluate information and evidence for violence from a range of sources in order to draw conclusions about its social implications Annotated bibliography recording your reading and reflection on your reading throughout the Unit, incorporating texts on and off the essential reading list (2,500 words). An annotated bibliography is a document you keep yourself (either a file on your computer or a notebook) in which you keep notes on your reading for this Unit. You must list your annotations alphabetically by author, all books, articles, and other sources on which you have drawn on in the bibliography. The Key points to consider are: • Each citation is followed by a brief summary (usually about 250-300 words) that describes and evaluates the work (the annotation). • Critical analysis on the findings of the work, relevance, accuracy, and quality of the source • In what ways it is useful or interesting and enhances your knowledge on the issue/topic. What do I need to do to pass? Conduct a wide-ranging bibliographic search which you are able to briefly describe and critically evaluate based on your personal reflection and academic knowledge How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade? This is a standard academic practice when doing independent work, as you are supposed to in this Unit. You may well already keep such a record of your reading; in which case this should present little extra work. Of course, reading that you do for other Units, or your dissertation may also be relevant for this Unit and can be used in your assignment. You should record what you have read (title, year, author, location etc.) and the ways that it is useful or interesting it is for your work. An extensive reference list should be produced demonstrating good knowledge of current sociological theory. The reference list should follow a recognized system (Harvard) and the 2016 LRC guide to ensure that you do this accurately.

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