As we are all well aware, Covid has affected tourism in many ways. We are aware of many tourism operators who have created strategies for success during Covid.
Search the Canadian news. Find two articles that demonstrate how two Canadian operators or destinations have pivoted to create success during Covid times. Use the Six factors or a Tourism Destination Area for success that you can find in the PowerPoint in Chapter 3 (details in the textbook). You can also use the reasons for the growth in tourism that is found in Chapter 1. This should be written as an essay, but questions that guide your discussion should be:
1) Why is this successful?
2) What are the costs associated with changing your business model?
3) What are the risks with this strategy?
4) What would happen if the operator/destination did not make the change?
5) What changes do you think will stay when the risk of Covid is low?
When you are writing, have a general, opening paragraph; write an essay that answers these questions for each of your chosen articles and then a general closing paragraph.
Please email me the link to the articles after you have submitted the assignment through Moodle.
Assignment should be at least 3 pages, double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins. Please include a cover page and a reference page (not included in your page count).
This is an individual assignment.

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