Throughout this course, you have explored the  various components that need to be put into place in order to build an  anti-bias, inclusive learning community that promotes respect, dignity,  and fairness regardless of differences. Now is the time apply what you  have been learning since the very first course in this program. For this  Application Assignment, you will put all of the pieces together to  develop a detailed action plan for implementing an anti-bias curriculum  in an early childhood setting.

Creating an environment that cultivates positive  relationships and interactions, nurtures children’s confidence, and  offers children opportunities to combat biases and misconceptions takes  thoughtful consideration and preparation. Your action plan will be  comprised of several crucial components. Read through each of the  components listed below to become familiar with the various aspects of  the assignment. As needed, find scholarly sources to reflect, and further solidify  your thinking. Then, develop your ideas and record your action plan in a  Word document.

  • Review the list below and choose one. Issues related to:
    • family structure
    • culture and language
    • economic class
    • race
    • gender
    • sexual orientation
    • varying abilities
  • You will choose “GENDER”
  • Explain why you chose this particular topic as the focus of your plan from an early childhood teacher perspective….
  • What “ism” (or “isms”) are you addressing with this topic? (i.e, classism, racism, gender stereotyping and sexism, and other”-isms” prevalent in our society). 
  • What misinformation, stereotypes, or fears might young children have about this topic?

The Goal(s)

  • What are you hoping to teach through this plan? Describe your goals and expected outcomes.
  • In what ways will you address and contradict the stereotypes  associated with the topic? Provide examples to demonstrate what you  might say or do to combat specific stereotypes-This will be based on a GENDER ISSUE.

The Curriculum Plan

  • Describe at least two learning experiences that will help you reach the goals of your action plan.
  • Indicate at least two ideas you will incorporate into the visual/material environment to support your curriculum.
  • List at least two examples of titles of books, music, film, and/or other media that will support your curriculum.
  • Think about at least one “teachable moment” that you anticipate will occur and describe it in detail.

Other Considerations:

  • In what ways will you connect with and involve the families of the children in your setting?
  • An example of a disability related to gender possibly?? Then, state the accommodations you will make to your  classroom, your own behaviors/interactions, and/or your curriculum, to  best support learning for a child with this varying ability in the  context of this action plan.


  • How will you assess whether or not you have met the goals? Explain how you will know that your action plan has been effective.

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