Limit your paper to at least three paragraphs or simply one or two pages. It is recommended that you use
other credible and original works of the covered philosophers. The recommended web sources are:
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and Sophia Project). After reading
pp. 121-138 (Anselm) from the textbook and analyzing Anselm’s and Aquinas proofs of God’s existence, write
an essay by being guided by the following points:
1. Brief description of the historical context (social, political,
cultural, religious, economic, etc.) of medieval period
2. Compare and discuss briefly in your own words the
methods and ways of Anselm with Aquinas in proving the existence of God and explaining the nature of God.
Explore the influence of Plato, Aristotle, and Augustine on Anselm and Aquinas philosophical view on reality,
God, morality, and knowledge.
3. Conclusion: Considering today’s society’s historical context, which of the two metaphysical views (on proofs of God’s existence, nature of being and reality, etc.) do you find convincing and relevant? Explain your answer. Do you personally think that spiritualistic interpretation of reality
(use of religion) makes more sense than the materialistic
understanding of reality (use of science)? Explain your answer.
1st source –
the second source is in files, and other websites that can be used are provided in the paragraph.

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